Monday, March 26, 2012

Post #2

I just wanted to check in here and I'll try to not repeat everything Frank has already said so well. Words cannot describe what kind of writing partner I was lucky enough to be involved with on this project. We also have no intention of letting Blood on Blood be our one and only collaboration. For that reason, this new website was born and put into play. 

As many of  you already know, Frank has many projects of his own both current and past, totally independent of this endeavor. In other words, he has his own gig that's well established and thriving. So think of this as him just pulling over and giving a shaky looking hitchhiker a ride. Frank knew better, the silent alarm was blaring, but he decided to stop anyway. You know how that usually works out right? It might be just across town or I might pull a gun on him and turn it into a little road trip that lasts awhile.

As Frank said, we're cautiously optimistic that we'll both be back in short order with some much more concrete news and information. We're both excited and pumped up about this book. We hope that others will be too.

Thanks for dropping in and please pass the word around to everyone you know and some you don't....Make it a good word too, or we'll have to hurt you or somethin'. I mean we don't want to do that, but like hey, we will. Know what I'm sayin' here?


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