Friday, September 28, 2012


Just a short note here. Frank and I have basically finished our second book, a sequel to Blood on Blood. It’s being worked over, proofed, prodded, pushed around and cleaned up. We stayed with the same recipe in terms of how we would actually write it; kept it first person, continued to alternate our chapters, characters and writing. We tried to keep a similar pace and stay as close as we could to the overall style of the first book. We wanted similarities and connection.

This book will have its marked differences as well though. Without letting the cat out of the bag, I can say that the new story has an almost entirely new cast of characters. It has a new setting, a totally new story line and a different all around tone to it. Make no mistake about it though, it’s a continuance of our first story and there is a third being cooked up right now. Trilogy has a nice ring to it.

The writing collaboration thing with Frank continues to work like a charm for me. For him, I’m sure it’s like a sweaty nightmare that won’t end. A slow motion dream where he’s running in place - trying to get away so badly but he just can’t move fast enough.

We’re very excited about this second book and can’t wait for it to be released. ‘This second book’ does have a title and we’ll be out with that soon. I’ll let Frank decide when to announce it and some other details as they come.

And finally, (I heard that sigh) please help us spread the word on Blood on Blood. If you’ve read it, we thank you very much and hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t tried it yet, we would be thrilled if you gave it a try. We’re biased, but we think you might like this story and the one coming. To anyone that has thought about it, but maybe just hasn’t gotten around to it, we would love to get a few more reviews up on Amazon. To date we have a grand total of 2. We’re thinking of bribing you if we have to, or even blackmail if necessary. We have no scruples.

Monday, September 10, 2012


R. Thomas Brown has for some unexplained reason, or maybe temporary confusion of some kind, agreed to do a guest post for us here at Hardboiled Partners in Crime. He was also kind enough to let me post a rambling movie review over at his place Criminal Thoughts.

We're thrilled to have him here and before he changes his mind I'm posting this baby. Ron discusses the current state of book stores and where we unfortunately find ourselves. 

While you're at it, go get Hill Country if you haven't already. I guarantee you won't put it down until you finish it. Without further ado, here is Ron.

Bookstores, A Lament

I love bookstores. Most writers love bookstores. Being in the presence of all the shelves. Finding little gems tucked away that you’d never heard of, but seem like the book you’d been wanting to read for ages. New books. Used books. I love them all and the stores that hold them.
Not long ago, I was lucky enough to visit Powell’s in Portland. Massive place. Felt like I was going to get lost in there, but it was wonderful. My wife was at a conference, and I killed a few hours just roaming the rooms and aisles. Fantastic time, and worth all the pennies I dropped while there.
But, that trip seemed like a final hurrah for my bookstore adoration. We have a nice, big Barnes and Noble near the house. Pretty store, comfortable, a nice place to grab a coffee and relax. But not so much for my book buying.
Now, the children and teen section is great. Almost always has what I’m looking for. The suggested reading displays are a nice mix of books by topic or relating to some literary interest. A good mix of fiction, non-fiction, hobby, etc. Really great.
And nothing like the general and genre fiction areas. What remains of them (now less than a quarter of the store) is almost entirely big names. Sure, I can find Gone Girl, but that’s hardly a discovery worth going to the store to find. It wasn’t always that way. Even just a year ago, I found a good number of books from smaller presses.
Of course, there used to be sections for mystery, horror, speculative, romance, literature, and a few other genres that I never really went toward, but held 4 or 5 shelves to themselves. Now, it’s down to about ten aisles total, plus the table of new releases. That’s about it.
Which means, that while I can find what I know I want (sometimes, though not the last six books I intended to pick up and didn’t want to wait for shipping) I’ve really lost my confidence in finding something new when browsing. So, mainly it’s a trip to the younger section, looking at the really cool stuff my ten year-old is reading, and then heading out.
I don’t know if this is typical, or if it has any greater meaning for the future of book sales or that whole discussion. What I do know is that I still like to go there. I still love the atmosphere. I still love being inspired by what I see and read about (despite the fact that my son is now demanding I write a book for him.) I just don’t expect to find anything for me, and have basically stopped looking when I go.
So, how do I discover new books? Maybe I’ll post on that later.
But what about you? Is this happening at your local stores? Different for indie stores vs chain? How do you find books?

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Big Thank You

Chad Rohrbacher has an interview with us posted over at his place. Check it out over there, he's got a fantastic blog.

Heartfelt thanks to Chad for having us!


In Loco Parentis
Just got word from Nigel Bird that his novel In Loco Parentis is available today for FREE at Amazon. This kind of thing should be illegal. No way should this kind of top notch, quality writing ever be free...

BUT IT IS TODAY. So go get it!