Monday, December 31, 2012

Clock's Ticking

Just a quick simple message to anyone who happens to stumble in here today. 

As 2012 wraps up and whether you deem the year to have been a great, good, average or a bad one - just make 2013 a better one. 

Wishing you nothing but the best in the New Year.


Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Days Left

One final push, one more blitz post for the month of December folks! It's been a great month so far with the 99 cent deal on all Snubnose Press titles. We really want to finish strong and continue to make a mark and have a presence among the leaders at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

To our U.S. friends and fellow authors we want to say a heartfelt thanks for giving Blood on Blood a try. You're continued support has been tremendous as well. If there is still someone you could give a nudge too we would really appreciate it, as we're very near achieving a pretty special (for us anyway) threshold at Amazon.

To our U.K. buds, including the likes of Nigel Bird, Col Bury, Matt Hilton and on and on, a very special thanks. We've had some unexpected sells in the U.K. too and rest assured we know why. Without you spreading the word over there we wouldn't have a chance.     

To everyone else and all the above who might stumble onto this message - Don't let the opportunity slip away without giving some great books from Snubnose Press a try.

Thanks again.


Monday, December 3, 2012

BIG SALE Announcement

This is the deal of all deals! For the month of December all Snubnose Press titles - ALL of them are 99 centavos. That's right, 99 cents. The official announcement and list of books/authors are found here

There is some serious talent in this list of authors and the value on these great books being offered here is tremendous. It's the right time of year too. This is a bargain that is so ridiculously good that it makes any 'deal' you think you got on Black Friday look ah so-so.

Load up on these jewels as gifts to friends and family but also for yourself. Its a perfect time to pick up the books you've seen or heard about but just haven't read yet. And hey, I wouldn't be your favorite obnoxious salesman if I didn't say that if you buy five or ten stories make sure one of them is Blood On Blood

99 Cents ...... Now GO to Amazon or Nook !!