Friday, December 21, 2012

10 Days Left

One final push, one more blitz post for the month of December folks! It's been a great month so far with the 99 cent deal on all Snubnose Press titles. We really want to finish strong and continue to make a mark and have a presence among the leaders at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other outlets.

To our U.S. friends and fellow authors we want to say a heartfelt thanks for giving Blood on Blood a try. You're continued support has been tremendous as well. If there is still someone you could give a nudge too we would really appreciate it, as we're very near achieving a pretty special (for us anyway) threshold at Amazon.

To our U.K. buds, including the likes of Nigel Bird, Col Bury, Matt Hilton and on and on, a very special thanks. We've had some unexpected sells in the U.K. too and rest assured we know why. Without you spreading the word over there we wouldn't have a chance.     

To everyone else and all the above who might stumble onto this message - Don't let the opportunity slip away without giving some great books from Snubnose Press a try.

Thanks again.


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