Monday, April 23, 2012

Started The Ball Rolling

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The Onion Field Murder, 1963
Detectives re-enact the scene. Jimmy Lee Smith on the right.

Well, I was going to write about Blood on Blood a little bit or even the sequel that Frank and I have already started. Or I don't know, maybe delve into character developments and get some ideas from others out there how it all comes together for you.

Last night that all changed though, because Joseph Wambaugh popped into my head. Truly one of my favorites, he's easily in the top 3 group on my own personal list. He could make you laugh out loud and weep in the same chapter. He could sadden you, scare you, make you uneasy and nervous and all the other emotions that great writers can impart.

The Glitter Dome, The Blue Knight, The New Centurions, The Choirboys and the others...just great books I haven't thought about for awhile. For all the younger guys and gals who are crime fiction writers and may have not read the novels above, I can't stress it enough. You will learn more subtleties and truths about cops and criminals and the nightmares that come with that world than you ever thought possible - especially from books written 35-40 years ago. It''ll still be current though, it'll still be viable and applicable in todays world. He always delivered cold, hard truth. He had a style.

The one title I didn't mention above was the book that started the ball rolling for me, not just with reading Wambaugh novels, but with crime reading period. The Onion Field, to me, was just fantastic in every way. While not a crime fiction like his other books, it had everything I needed and more. I didn't know it at the time because I was so young, but it grabbed me and just never let go. Do yourself a favor and read this book (then watch the movie if you have to, book first though). You can't go wrong with any of the other books listed above either. You won't be sorry.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just So You Know We're Not a One Trick Pony...

I know this blog was born to talk about our upcoming novel, BLOOD ON BLOOD (Coming Soon from Snubnose Press!), but...

Jim and I have begun writing the sequel in earnest this weekend. And it feels just as good as BLOOD ON BLOOD did last February when we started that one. So all I can say is, thanks to my partner, Jim, for being such a damn fine writer and making this such a fun project!

So if you take a flyer on BLOOD ON BLOOD and like it, then know there'll be a sequel for you to groove on as well.

Now back to our regularly scheduled BLOOD ON BLOOD related discussion...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perhaps Something to Tide You Over...

So, the coolest news in my house this week is that Snubnose Press is going to publish BLOOD ON BLOOD, and that it'll be out sometime in May, probably not later than June.

In the meantime, I just put out a free eBook called In the Shadow of El Paso. It contains two of my short stories set in the fictional town of La Sombra, in West Texas. It's crime fiction, with some romantic tension thrown in.

You can read some more about this ebook release on my blog. I don't want to clutter things up here, where the emphasis is on BLOOD ON BLOOD.

Along those lines, I'm looking forward to the Snubnose Press cover for our novel. If you check out the covers they've done for their other titles, it's impossible not to get excited.

Along some other lines, everyone who would like to see a Jim Wilsky short story collection available as an ebook, raise your hands.

Aha! I told him so...


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blood On Blood

Well, it's a bloody Tuesday!

I'm going to elbow my writing pardner right out of the way like the rookie I am and make the first post of many from us regarding the upcoming book we have coming out very soon.

It was announced today by Brian Lindenmuth over at Snubnose Press that they would be publishing BLOOD ON BLOOD. Both Frank and I are thrilled to be in the Snubnose family of books. I think if I thank Brian one more time he'll spit, or smack me one.....or both. Ah what the hell, thank you once again for this opportunity Brian!

We'll both be back today with more details. Especially Frank, he's the detail guy (and brains, talent, etc.) between the two of us, there is no doubt about that.

Also, if you own an interstate billboard that you're not using right now, please call us right away. 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good News Coming...!

Jim and I are pretty excited to tell you...that...well, that we'll definitely have something to tell you very soon!

Yeah, I know. Makes ya wanna punch one of us (probably me right now) in the beak. What I can tell you is that we have reached an agreement with a small publisher with a great reputation to publish BLOOD ON BLOOD. What I can't tell you is who. There'll be an announcement soon, from them and then us, too. After the legal niceties (contract, anyone?).

And the good news is that we'll likely see a May/June timeframe for release, which is also quite cool.

So hold your punches, stay frosty, and keep it tuned here.