Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blood on Blood Review

Dead End Follies
We have a new review posted for Blood on Blood over at Dead End Follies, Ben Lelievre's tremendous blog. Of course we're thrilled and proud, so please go check it out!

Just as important, for those of you might not frequent there please check DEF out. Ben consistently posts top shelf, entertaining and interesting written reviews on Movies, Music and of course books. Everyone reading this most likely already frequents his place as he has a huge following. Rightly so. He's a gifted fiction writer as well.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Retails Announcement

Brian at Snubnose Press announced this morning that the retail format for all Snubnose titles could, or could not change. Different books might be positioned at different retail levels. We'll have to see where that all falls out. More on that later!

From what we undertsand, until later in the day, the 99 cent retail remains on all Snubnose Titles. A tremendous value for the quality books that are out there under the SN banner. If you haven't taken advantage of this promotion that was in place for the month of December, NOW is the time.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


2013. I wonder how many times I'll write 2012 before I finally get with the program.

Anyway, coming early this year, are two publications I can't wait for. Yes, I'm lucky enough to have a short story in each. Honestly though, I'm more anxious to read the stories of everyone else included in these anthologies. You talk about heavy hitter line-ups. The collection of talent is unbelievable. Think of the authors you like to read the most, the ones you admire the most and they're in these two collections.

Here they are, watch for these coming them...devour them.

Chris Rhatigan's           ALL DUE RESPECT ANTHOLOGY

Otto Penzler's               KWIK KRIMES