Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Review - Available In Any Colour

Christopher Black has seen fit to write a review of Blood on Blood for us over at his great blog Available In Any Colour. While I don't know him well, I owe him a beer or two if we ever get to meet. His kind words and positive comments about the book are much appreciated.

Please go check it out and if you haven't given Blood on Blood a read yet, why not give it a try? I'll bet you the ebook cost of 99 cents, you'll find it entertaining. Go here to read Christopher's review and check out his blog while you're there.

Thanks again Christopher!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Story At BTAP

David Cranmer has posted a new short story of mine titled Yusan over at Beat To A Pulp. Grateful and honored? You bet. I've always considered David's e-zine to be one of the very best there is around. If I'm lucky enough to get something accepted there, then it's a damn red letter day for me. 

This story is something a little different. A little stretch for me and I enjoyed the hell out of writing it. I hope you go over there and give it a read. While you're there, check out the vast archives of terrific past stories that David has built up. A superb collection, written by the most talented writers anywhere. Once again, I'm honored and excited to be there again. Yusan can be found here.