Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Retails Announcement

Brian at Snubnose Press announced this morning that the retail format for all Snubnose titles could, or could not change. Different books might be positioned at different retail levels. We'll have to see where that all falls out. More on that later!

From what we undertsand, until later in the day, the 99 cent retail remains on all Snubnose Titles. A tremendous value for the quality books that are out there under the SN banner. If you haven't taken advantage of this promotion that was in place for the month of December, NOW is the time.



  1. I'm waiting for a Jim Wilsky collection of short atories, although I've tried to follow you around the web and have read many of them already. Ever since I had the privilege of copyediting your amazing story "Always Had Been" at the now sadly defunct MOUTH FULL of BULLETS webzine five years ago, I've been a fan.
    Would you have an objection if I and maybe others submit some of your stories for consideration in this year's Derringer Awards judging?

  2. Dan,

    Sure seems like longer than 5 years doesn't it? MFOB was a good place for crime stories and BJ was a great guy. Now, please assure anyone reading this that I didn't pay you to write the nice things you just did above. Seriously, thanks for the gracious comments, I appreciate it.

    It's funny you mention the short story collection. I've got a pretty firm list of stories that I've picked out and even boiled it down to a few different book titles. Frank Zafiro, my co-author has been telling me the same damn thing. I've been sniffing around to see if a small publisher might be interested and so far nothing. The widely held belief is that collections don't sell - but I'd sure like to try and buck those odds. As far as a Derringer thing goes, well, now that's something I would pay you for....JUST KIDDING. How could I object to that! Dan, this has been a great start to the day Dan. Thank you. - JW