Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blurb Preview for BLOOD ON BLOOD!

Cindy Rosmus, the editor of "Yellow Mama" and prolific short story writer, had this to say about our forthcoming hardboiled crime novel, BLOOD ON BLOOD:

"Blood on Blood never lets up. Zafiro and Wilsky give us brotherly hate and a desire to please a cold-as-ice dad who should’ve been castrated at birth. And of course a blonde bitch to complicate things. Who gets the blonde? And the ice? Ex-cop Mick, or gangster Jerzy?"

Cindy is a hardcore cool chick, a helluva writer and her indie online mag is a hard-hitting, gritty, excellent showcase of crime fiction. Both Jim and I have been lucky enough to have had stories published there, and Jim has one coming up later this year.  Cindy herself is frequently published in other venues, and her stories are edgy, sexy, dark and exciting. 

You should check her out, as well as Yellow Mama.

BLOOD ON BLOOD will be published later this month by Snubnose Press.

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