Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Story at The Big Adios

If you're an old fart like me, there's a good chance you grew up watching westerns like Gunsmoke with Matt, Kitty, Doc and Festus or another of my absolute favorites; Steve McQueen as just about the coolest damn Bounty Hunter that ever lived. I was fortunate to grow up during the golden age of western cinemas too. Then as I read more and more - there were always western and cowboy books on my bedroom bookshelves. My favorite author wrote some damn good westerns and I have every book ever written by Larry McMurtry, western or not, and under his pen name too. Hell, I still love a good western and western stories to this day. More recently books and movies like Lonesome Dove, Open Range, Broken Trail have sure helped keep things going. They've been authentic and well done, with great stories and characters.

So, when Ron Earl Phillips from Shotgun Honey fame decided to start up a new site at the beginning of this year, I thought it was tremendous news. Good Western stories need good homes and the market for western sites and magazines is a tough, tough go. Ron’s new place has a great name, it’s called The Big Adios and he has a couple of well known desperados riding with him too. Ryan Sayles and Aldo Calcagno have thrown in with him.

The Big Adios is off to one helluva start with spectacular stories posted by David Cranmer, Bill Baber, Chuck Caruso and Chris Leek. When Ron told me last week that my submission was accepted, I was thrilled - but there’s no way I’m going to fill the boots of these guys that have already gone up before me so I’m just trying to hold my own with this outfit! I hope to keep sprinkling in some westerns every once in a while, having several already that I've never submitted anywhere as well as some new stories. 

My story, One More Spring is up this morning over there. Please go check the The Big Adios out!




  1. Great Story Jim, I really enjoyed it. I'm going to be thinking about old Jess and Sam all day now!

  2. Chris!

    Thanks for stopping by and appreciate you reading my story. That short time period and those guys in particular have always intrigued me. I respect the hell out of them. Tough ol' boys. Maybe I'm a little jealous of what they had too...because they went out there and lived the life THEY chose.

    Ignore the echo in here okay? Don't be a stranger. Thanks again - JW