Saturday, May 10, 2014

New Stuff

Just a few new things I wanted to mention.

First, I have been lucky enough to have been invited by Scott to Noir At The Bar with BookPeople in Austin, Texas on this coming Monday, May 12. It will be held at Opal Divine's, 6031 South Congress. So if you happen to be in or around Austin, hey we'd love to see you there. I'll be in way, wayyy over my head alongside the other authors there; Ace Atkins, George Weir and Jesse Sublette. I'll be signing copies (hopefully) of Blood on Blood, Queen of Diamonds and Closing the Circle. Starts at 7pm. As always, a huge thanks to Scott Montgomery for making it all happen.

Second, be sure and check out my latest interview on The Write Answers, this time I visit with Ace Atkins and I'll tell you right now, he's a great talent with big time credentials. I'll bet you'll learn something about him you didn't know. A very interesting guy.

Last, Mystery People linked one of my past short stories as a lead up to Monday. Sea of Grass, was first published by the great but gone, Rose and Thorn ezine. It was always one of my personal favorites. If you want to give it a read just for the hell of it, you can find it here.  



  1. Enjoy Noir At The Bar. It seems like the party place wherever it lands.

  2. Thank you sir. I'll do my best not to get thrown in the heartbreak hotel. Thanks for stopping by David.

    - Jim