Sunday, March 25, 2012

Inaugural Post

Greetings, and welcome to the Hardboiled Partners in Crime Blog.

I'm Frank Zafiro. My partner in crime is Jim Wilsky. We're here to bring you news surrounding our collaborative work.

We both write crime fiction, and together we are writing hardboiled, gritty crime fiction set in the world of today.

Our first novel is BLOOD ON BLOOD. Half brothers Jerzy and Mick Sawyer are summoned to the prison where their father is dying. On his deathbed, he tells his sons about a diamond heist that he was part of and how some of those diamonds are still out there. He sets the two on a path of cooperation and competition to recover the jewels, each playing to his own strengths and against the other's weaknesses.

Jerzy is the quintessential career criminal, fresh out of a short bit and looking to get back into the action right away. Mick is the failed cop and tainted hero struggling to get by with a clean life that doesn't seem to ever pay off. Both men see this score as their ticket out. They have to work together, but the situation is, as one of the brothers observes, "part Hardy Boys, part Cain and Abel." Throw the sexy, myserious Ania into the mix and you have all the ingredients of a classic, hard boiled story set in the Chicago of today.

BLOOD ON BLOOD is written almost entirely in the first person. Chapters alternate back and forth between the two main characters. This format heightens the tension and highlights the two distinct voices of these characters (and both authors). BLOOD ON BLOOD is a gritty, dark novel of crime fiction.

Jim and I are in discussions with a small publisher of high repute within the crime fiction world to publish BLOOD ON BLOOD. We're confident we'll have some good news that is more specific soon.

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We'll talk again soon. Until then, stay gritty.

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