Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review of Zafiro Novel, WAIST DEEP

I routinely blog any Frank Zafiro news in my other blog, and today I linked to Kevin Tipple's review of my novel, Waist Deep.  The blog entry is here and you can link to that review if you so choose.

The reason I mention it here is that Tipple rightfully comments in his review that Waist Deep is "almost" noir. He's right. It isn't quite noir, but it is damn close to the line and at times, it is definitely there.

Why might you care? Well, BLOOD ON BLOOD, the first novel Jim Wilsky and I have written together, is in the same vein as Waist Deep. True, BLOOD ON BLOOD is grittier and darker. But if you like one, I think you'd like the other. So if you're looking to get warmed up for the ride that is coming with BLOOD ON BLOOD, Waist Deep fits the bill. It has some violence, sex, mystery and questions of morality. It includes teachers, cops, prostitutes, pimps, pornographers and priests. Okay, no priests. And Stefan Kopriva is no saint, but he's doing the best he can in a gray world, trying to make up for mistakes he made in the past.

Too bad no one seems to want to cooperate, or let him forget.


Waist Deep: When disgraced former cop Stefan Kopriva is asked by an old high school classmate to find a runaway sixteen year old girl, he reluctantly accepts. Driven by guilt over a terrible mistake that drove him from the force more than ten years earlier, Kopriva battles old injuries, old demons and long ago memories as he unravels the mystery of the missing Kris Sinderling...and seeks his own redemption.

Waist Deep is available in paperback and as an ebook (
Kindle, etc.).

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