Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just So You Know We're Not a One Trick Pony...

I know this blog was born to talk about our upcoming novel, BLOOD ON BLOOD (Coming Soon from Snubnose Press!), but...

Jim and I have begun writing the sequel in earnest this weekend. And it feels just as good as BLOOD ON BLOOD did last February when we started that one. So all I can say is, thanks to my partner, Jim, for being such a damn fine writer and making this such a fun project!

So if you take a flyer on BLOOD ON BLOOD and like it, then know there'll be a sequel for you to groove on as well.

Now back to our regularly scheduled BLOOD ON BLOOD related discussion...


  1. Frank,

    Check is in the mail. Btw, I thought we agreed on 'such a Brilliant writer and making this the Best project ever'...We had a deal, what the hell's going on?


  2. Hi Jim and Frank. Glad to be part of crowd over here. Good to see you back in the fold, Jim.

    I have a new site as I had a really bad time with malware issues on my blog. New address is

    Any chance you could also link up my magazine, The Flash Fiction Offensive on here?? Much appreciated if you could.

    Thanks guys and huge congrats on your novel!!

    1. Boy, I don't know about the link Dave...have to think about that one!

      Hey, great to hear from you and don't be a stranger over here okay? Pass the word about Blood on Blood if you have a mind to.

      Thanks again, JW