Thursday, April 12, 2012

Perhaps Something to Tide You Over...

So, the coolest news in my house this week is that Snubnose Press is going to publish BLOOD ON BLOOD, and that it'll be out sometime in May, probably not later than June.

In the meantime, I just put out a free eBook called In the Shadow of El Paso. It contains two of my short stories set in the fictional town of La Sombra, in West Texas. It's crime fiction, with some romantic tension thrown in.

You can read some more about this ebook release on my blog. I don't want to clutter things up here, where the emphasis is on BLOOD ON BLOOD.

Along those lines, I'm looking forward to the Snubnose Press cover for our novel. If you check out the covers they've done for their other titles, it's impossible not to get excited.

Along some other lines, everyone who would like to see a Jim Wilsky short story collection available as an ebook, raise your hands.

Aha! I told him so...



  1. Hey, guys! What a terrific two-fer. Blood on Blood sounds great and I look forward to reading it. Best wishes for great success. You've both paid your dues and deserve it.

  2. Thanks, Earl, for the kind words. They mean a lot coming from a DERRRINGER WINNER! (Had to mention that -- it is TOO awesome not to).

  3. Wonderful news! Wish you both the success you deserve! Woot!