Sunday, July 29, 2012

BLOOD ON BLOOD Exclusive Release!

Coming July 30/31st from Snubnose Press!

Snubnose Press will be releasing Blood on Blood, the hard boiled crime fiction novel by Jim Wilsky and Frank Zafiro exclusively on Barnes & Noble for the Nook on July 30/31st. The novel will be available exclusively on the Nook for a full month, after which it will be released for all other formats (Kindle, etc.).

Blood on Blood is a hard-edged crime novel set in Chicago. Two half brothers are summoned to their father's prison deathbed, where he tells them about some missing diamonds from a long ago heist. This sets them on a path of cooperation and competition as each tries to outdo the other and be the one to find the diamonds. Think the Hardy Boys meet Cain and Abel. Then throw in a mysterious blonde siren, and you've got Blood on Blood.

Shane Gericke, best-selling author of Torn Apart, said that "Blood on Blood is [so] hard-boiled I’m still sweating from the steam! A hell of a good story told by a pair of aces, guaranteed to jump-start your heart from the very first word. Add this to your reading list for sure!”

Earl Staggs, Derringer Award winner, said that "[i]f you like it mean and menacing, down and dirty, Blood on Blood is right up your dark alley.”

Blood On Blood is an intense and truly addictive thriller that captures you immediately and holds you bound until the last page. A fast paced, absorbing crime novel, with characters who still linger darkly on the edge of my thoughts,” says Julia Madeleine, author of The Truth About Scarlet Rose.

We'll be announcing the release date for the paperback version of Blood on Blood soon!

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