Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Release Update

Hello everyone. This is like lining up for a race, getting in the set position annnnnd the starters gun won’t go off. Unfortunately, there has been a change in plans for the release of Blood on Blood. There has been a change to when and where. It obviously didn’t happen on July 30 or July 31 as we expected - and there has also been a change to the planned month long exclusive offering on Nook with Barnes and Noble that we mentioned below.

So here’s the deal folks. We’re looking at August 6 now. That’s only 3 more days but it seems ike three more years when you’re as anxious as Frank and I. So anyway, tie strings on fingers, write yourselves reminder pop up emails at work and at home, draw a red circle around August 6th on your wall calendar, etc., etc. In fact, just take that day off and read a new book called Blood on Blood from Snubnose Press. August 6th is Civic Day in Canada so let’s have our own here in the states. We'll call it Read Day.

We will try to make a splash with it here on Monday, with the appropriate info/links to availability, so please stop back in then!  

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