Saturday, August 18, 2012

Allan Leverone

Slide on over to Allan Leverone's blog today.

He graciously invited me for an interview and I all but tackled him accepting his offer. As most of you know already, Allan has become a damn juggernaut in the writing of a long string of successful Thrillers and Horror stories. Did I mention him being a 3 time Derringer finalist  and a Pushcart nominee? Guy is seriously good.

So what in the hell am I darkening his doorway for? To try and sell Blood on Blood of there's something new huh? Really though, we had a very enjoyable question and answer exchange. Allan's a great guy and a new friend of mine.


  1. Jim, it was a pleasure having you at A Thrill a Minute, and I truly enjoyed BLOOD ON BLOOD. You and Frank Zafiro meshed perfectly as a team; the writing was smooth and flowed well, and the story was second to none.

    Thanks for taking the time to give such thoughtful responses to my questions!

  2. Jim, I'll be sure and check it out. You realize your book launched on my birthday—call it good luck mi amigo.

    Very, very happy for you and Frank.

  3. Hey Mike!

    Thanks for dropping in. Don't be a stranger pard....and happy belated birthday. Let me know what you think of Blood on Blood. I value and respect your opinion. Congrats again on the Thuglit story too! - JW