Saturday, May 18, 2013

Front to Back


Alright now, ain't she pretty? Here's the final front & back cover of Queen of Diamonds, the sequel to Blood on Blood. It's the artful handiwork of the one and only Eric Beetner. A very talented guy as just about everyone knows. Frank and I are so pumped about the launch of this new book we can hardly stand still, so pardon the push here...As always, a big thanks goes out to Brian and everyone at Snubnose for allowing us the vehicle to ride this out with.
We're looking at only a few days now, as in next week, for this baby being available as an ebook on Amazon, Barnes, etc. It'll be 99 cents for the ebook, just like Blood on Blood. It will also be available in paperback and an audio version as well.We really hope you try it when it goes live and if you haven't read Blood on Blood yet, well now is the perfect time for a one two punch. 

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