Saturday, May 25, 2013

Queen of Diamonds Live

We have lift-off!

Queen of Diamonds, our second book in the 3 book series, is now live and available at Amazon right here. and B&N, other outlets. Spread the word if you don't mind.

Like everyone else, we want to jump out there big time and get off to a good start. Will you help us do that? Maybe you liked Blood on Blood, or this will be the first book you've picked up by Frank and I - either way, we would sure appreciate the support. The new price for Queen of Diamonds will be a low $2.99. Give us a try, we're pretty sure you won't regret it. We always need reviewers on Amazon, so step up if you feel like it.  

Being a co-author with Frank on this project has been a tremendous learning experience for me. The bonus being that this new book was just as much fun to write as the first. We're both very pleased with the final product and hope you feel the same.

Snubnose Press has been great too, as always. Supportive, flexible and creative. The top shelf quality of work that Eric Beetner puts out is again on display, with our cover and back design. Just an excellent job. 

Thanks again and get Queen of Diamonds today! - JW


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