Saturday, May 4, 2013


Cover Design by Eric Beetner
That's right, folks...Blood on Blood has a sequel of sorts coming your way very soon from Snubnose Press. It's called Queen of Diamonds. What's it about?

Well...when Ania Kozak hits Vegas, she’s only looking for a place to relax and lay low with her stolen cash and diamonds. But Sin City has other plans for “Annie.”

Cord Needham is a poker circuit champion with an eye for the ladies and a dark secret in his past. Casey Brunnell is a former baseball player fighting the cards and running up debts to a local mobster. When Annie decides to play a dangerous game with both of them, the stakes go through the roof. Everyone scrambles to beat the odds and get out of town with the money…and their lives.

Queen of Diamonds is a sequel to the Zafiro/Wilsky novel, Blood on Blood, which also featured the beautiful, mysterious, and conniving Ania. A third book in this series is coming next year.

Jim and I wrote this book with the same dual first person narrative as Blood on Blood. This gives the reader a chance to get close to the narrating characters, but have a broader perspective than your typical first person novel.

Look for this ebook and paperback to be available sometime in May! An audio book version will follow.

See you at the tables!


  1. Vegas, Mobsters and the beautiful Ania? Hell yes, deal me in!

  2. Chris,

    Excellent! We'll save you a chair at the big table. Thanks for dropping by.